Some GPIO pins don't work. Using python-rpi.gpio

yehnanyehnan Posts: 16New Member
I'm following the example "Blink an LED on a GPIO output pin"
in this document:

The example uses pin 4 (in the arragement of GPIO.BCM) to control LED.
No problem with that.

But if I changed to pin 27, 22, 23, 24; then the LED won't blink.

If I changed to pin 2, 3, 14; the LED will blink.



  • yehnanyehnan Posts: 16New Member
    After trying all examples in

    I found that some pins won't work for some functionalities.

    Is the UP board(Ubilinux)'s implementation of RPi.GPIO(python-rpi.gpio) complete?
  • DCleriDCleri Posts: 566Administrator, AAEON admin
    we have updated the library which is currently under testing internally.

    It will be available in the coming weeks.
  • yehnanyehnan Posts: 16New Member
    Is there an estimated release date?
  • DCleriDCleri Posts: 566Administrator, AAEON admin
    if you run an upgrade now you will download a newer version with the fixes implemented.

    Let me know if you might have any feedback!
  • yehnanyehnan Posts: 16New Member
    It works.

  • Chris BothaChris Botha Posts: 48New Member
    just installing linux now (the windows api is too far from complete)

    does it have PWM (even if only the rpi.gpio software version) working?
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