USB3 OTG not detecting Intel RealSense camera

HL Kon
HL Kon New Member Posts: 3
I just received my UPBoard for a robotic project. I am connecting an Intel RealSense camera to the USB3 OTG port and I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 with 4.44 kernel.
However, I find that the UPboard is not detecting the Intel RealSense camera. Typing 'lsusb' does not show the camera in the list of peripheral connected to USB port.
The RealSense camera is confirmed working on another machine running Win10 with Intel RealSense SDK.
I am using a USB3 OTG Type A female to Micro USB3 Type B Male adapter to connect to the RealSense camera.

I would like to know if anyone else is also having this issue with their UPBoard?


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