Duplicate System UUID's

Richard Reyes
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I am trying to test the UP-Board Make : AAEON, Model : UP-CHT01 "http://up-shop.org/up-boards/44-up-board-4gb-ram-64-gb-emmc.html" for mass deployment in our test environment via SCCM, the first issue is being address about NIC PXe boot support in another thread here. the other issue I am concerned about is duplicate UUID's If anyone else has these device please post the UUID:

These numbers are suppose to be unique to each device in the same way the MAC address is unique to the NIC.
run this in a command prompt in Windows OS:
WMIC PATH WIN32_ComputerSystemProduct GET "UUID" to see if yours is the same as mine.

For imaging dozens of these this would be a problem, ASUS has a reputation for not filling in some other system information
open PowerShell prompt and run:
Get-WMIObject Win32_BIOS | Select *
Get-WMIObject Win32_ComputerSystem | Select *
Get-WMIObject Win32_ComputerSystemProduct | Select *

you will see some fields missing reading "{To be filled by O.E.M }"
This information is crucial when managing dozens if not 100's of devices


  • Aling
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    After checking with our team, it seems the only way to have unique UUID is to enter it during the BIOS burn-in during production already. It is not possible to it afterward.
    We would like to suggest you to use MAC address as a unique ID for your application.
    Or we can do it based on order with minimum 50pcs order with additional cost since all the set-up needs to be done manually.

    We try to work out if any other simple way that permits users to do it easily, but it seems we didn't find it yet.