Windows 10 Home (1067) successful install

Chi ThaiChi Thai New Member Posts: 6
Just wanted to share that I was successful in using the UP provided "overall" information to install Windows 10 (1067) on my recently received UP board (64 GB version). Windows 10 used about 12.3 GB of the board's eMMC.
I also wanted to use a software suite from ROBOTIS Inc. called R+ Manager, R+ Task, R+ Motion which needed .NET 3.5 which the system pulled out from the web automatically and installed it OK. All 3 software tools used some Virtual COM and FTDI COM drivers which got installed automatically OK too. I was very much impressed as some regular Windows 10 desktop PCs had problems with these devices before.
With these 3 tools installed, the total amount used on the eMMC is now at 14.3 GB. Enclosed is a screen capture of the Task Manager screen when all 3 tools are running.
My next project will be to try to install Visual Studio and OpenCV to see if it is possible to do so! Wish me luck! :cheer:


  • mariusmarius New Member Posts: 5
    how long start windows 10 ?
    Could you record video and publish to youtube ?
  • Chi ThaiChi Thai New Member Posts: 6
    I just posted a video on YouTube using pictures taken with my cell phone, so some were not great, but I think that I got the install process described accurately enough now for you ( Hopefully this is of use to you.
  • Chi ThaiChi Thai New Member Posts: 6
    OpenCV 3.1 (using 1.2 GB of disk space) and Visual Studio 2015 Community (C++ only - using 10.9 GB of disk space) installed and worked together great.
  • mariusmarius New Member Posts: 5
    how long start windows 10 ?
  • Chi ThaiChi Thai New Member Posts: 6
    edited August 2016
    I finally understood what you wanted, by reviewing your old posting regarding BIOS timing.
    From a cold hard boot, it took 17 seconds for me to see the login screen.
    From this login screen, if I tell it to soft reboot, it took 27 seconds for me to see the login screen again.
  • jimdomandroidjimdomandroid New Member Posts: 8
    how do you get your up-board to recognize the usb stick?
  • Chi ThaiChi Thai New Member Posts: 6
    I did not do anything special. I had prepared my USB stick as per UP instructions, inserted it in the UP board as received from the UP company, hooked up all display, keyboard and mouse, and then just powered up the system, and then the UP board booted up from the USB stick and started to install Windows 10 as shown in my YouTube video.

    Do you have some kind of OS on your board already?

    Recently, I wanted to update from Win10 Home to Win10 Pro, and as my UP board already had Windows 10 (1607) Home on it, a slightly different procedure had to be used:
    1) Prepare the USB stick as before for Win10 PRO.
    2) Boot up the UP board as usual into Windows 10 Home.
    4) Then you will see different OPTIONS, choose the option to boot up on a USB device
    5) Next the UP board will reboot into the new USB stick and would want to install Windows anew.
    6) Please remember to REMOVE all disk partitions like in the original UP instructions.

    Hope that all this helps.
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