Installing a pre-configured "standard image"

Robert Shelton
Robert Shelton New Member Posts: 110
Has anyone considered installation of a run-ready, preconfigured standard image as is done in larger data centers - i.e. all of the installation decisions we go thru with ubilinux are made once, any supplemental packages are installed and configured, and THAT resulting run-ready image is the one that gets installed onto multiple machines? About the only install-time config that would be required would be confirm or change hostname and network name (assuming machines that operate connected rather than isolated). I believe this usually is done with the aid of server configuration management / license management software suites in IT data centers. That said, it's necessary for efficient mass-manufacturing of any solution based on Up (or other) SBCs; and to having standard field configurations that are predictable and thus supportable. Couldn't the boot installer included in the ubilinux package be used in this way? Any guidance on how we makers / product developers would do that with Up?