UP Board has any ADC Pin

Whee MinWhee Min New Member Posts: 18
Hi UP Creators,
Can I verify if there is any ADC pin in the 40 pinout( Pin 7)? Can you provide more developmental information if it is available. Example, is there any example code so that developers can know how to use it.

Thanks ,
Whee Min


  • Javier ArteagaJavier Arteaga Emutex Posts: 163 mod
    edited April 2016
    Hi tanwm,

    There is indeed an 8-bit ADC available on pin 7. It operates on the 0V to 3.3V range. On supported versions of Linux, digital values can be read directly through sysfs:
    We'll be updating the documentation shortly with more detail.
  • Michael OraveczMichael Oravecz New Member Posts: 3
    See the CPLD and ADC blocks in the updated diagram of the UP-Board on page 2 of the latest datasheet:
    The pinout for the UP Board is also shown on page 2. The ADC is indeed indicated on pin 7.
  • MarioMario New Member Posts: 9
    With respect to the ADC pin. Can it be read with the mraa library?
    ex: self._analog=mraa.Aio(7) in python

    Best regards,
  • Dan O'DonovanDan O'Donovan Emutex Posts: 225 mod
    Hi Mario

    The short answer is: "not yet".

    However, if you want it quickly and are happy to build MRAA from source code, you might be interested in this pull request:

    Best regards,
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