UP Board benchmark comparison with Phoronix Test Suite

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Recently we ran some benchmarks with the UP Board to...



  • Kenneth Coley
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    I am not sure this is an impartial test. It looks like it is a CPU only test suite which is why the Pi Zero is rated so high. Its cheap and has very little features. This doesn't take into count all the other devices on each of these boards. A RPI 3 is less powerful and less costly so it yields about the same score as the UP. It doesn't tell me if that board has enough resources to perform a required test.
  • Hate to say this but Phoronix is also known as 'Moronix'. This comparison is totally absurd. Some boards come with builtin storage, some don't.

    RPI Zero doesn't cost $5. You also need a SD card since it can't boot from the network without a card. Also the shipping costs aren't included. For example the cheapest RPi Zero I could find is 8 GBP from Pihut. With the cheapest possible SD card, that basically doubles the price. If you also consider stuff like power supplies, the bigger boards don't look as bad.

    Also the price of the Orange Pi PC is too high, it's $15 from Alibaba (< $19 including shipping), has always been:
  • DCleri
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    Hi konakcc and miasma,

    Thanks for your feedback on the benchmark, we are always looking for way to improve things!
    Do you have any suggestion for other tools we could use that might be added to this initial benchmark/comparison?

    We used PTS as a simple and consistent way to run and repeat the tests (also making it straightforward to reproduce by any user). It is possible to have performance metrics for well known applications too other than just benchmark tools.
    For now the test cover only the CPU but we plan to do also Network, USB, GPU and Storage benchmarks in future.
  • Mark Curry
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    I really liked the Himeno CPU intensive benchmark you showed the other day. I agree this Phoroni benchmark doesnt capture the value of the UP board. I have several RPi3 that I use for various things, but really needed something more powerful and the UP board really hits above it weight class,, metaphorically speaking. i.e. in the same form factor as the Pi3. One thing you could consider is a graph showing the Himeno or other benchmark plotted against the nominal price of a useable system including power supply perhaps. Or something to that effect.
  • File server benchmarks would be really cool. You probably know that RPi sucks really bad as a file server since the USB storage and network share the same bus. Even the cheap ($15) chinese A20 boards beat RPi quite easily as they have a dedicated network chip and native SATA. Many boards don't have AES-NI, which is nice to have. Would be interesting to see how fast the board can server files over CIFS, NFS, HTTP (e.g. static files) with and without full disk encryption (e.g. AES-XTS 256/512) or directly from RAM storage.
  • Kurt
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    I see you only included the Odroid C1. Not sure if using eMMc or SD card?

    Would be more interesting if it also included their higher end XU4. I see some of the benchmarks up at:
    include it as well.