Booting from external device after Win10 install

Joost Boere
Joost Boere New Member Posts: 9
Windows 10 installed just fine. I used a external boot device without issues. Now I'm unable to boot from the same device or others. It always starts booting Windows. Tried setting the boot device via the bios, via F7, different boot devices (CD emulation, floppy, USB). What am I missing? Anyone who still can boot externally after installation?


  • Mark
    Mark New Member Posts: 1
    Try using F2 for Bios setup and use Boot Manager to change the boot order. If you have an usb stick it should be listed in the menu as "UEFI Misc" for example, by default it is at the end of the list. If the device is not an UEFI device it might not work.
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