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Chris Bobko
Chris Bobko New Member Posts: 1
Hello all!

Glad to finally see the community open! Just got notification that my order will be on it's way in May. Just wanted to drop by and share my plans for the UP board, and to document my projects/experimentation once my boards arrive and I'm able to dig in a bit further.
Initial experiments:
-Slipstreamed minimal installs of Windows XP, Windows 7, which boot directly to a specific program (like a console or a touch program)
-Getting QB64 ( working with the GPIO pins and an LCD screen (why? for that retro/vintage look!)
-Boot screen customization? Not sure what the bios looks like, but can I change the boot screen for embedded applications?
-Using the UP as the brain for various movie props and art projects which will be further detailed!

Looking forward to it everyone.
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