Up Board Slim case.

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Ok, i guess my last post got eaten, if it shows up feel free to delete this. I just got my UP and before I even loaded any software I decided to design and print up a slim case for it. To minimize size and cooling disruption it uses the back plate as the bottom and "snaps" over the PCB where the mounting holes are. THe face is not the best design (im working on it) and the tolerances are a bit loose (my printer needs calibration, it is about .2mm off on X/Y) so it may need tweaking to fit depending on the printer.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, there is no provision for the RTC battery. If you widen one of the cooling slots you can squeeze the battery through.

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    Very Cool ! Exposes the 40-pin. :-)
  •  Michael Geissberger Michael Geissberger New Member Posts: 13
    I wish I had a 3D-Printer...
  • Michael MillerMichael Miller New Member Posts: 93
    It's nice, but these lower cost machines can be a huge hassle. You have to constantly tinker calibrate them. Then you get it to print one object well and your next design won't print right.
  • Raymond DayRaymond Day New Member Posts: 67
    If can get the info they need you can send that to this place:


    For a little cost they will print it for you and send it out.

    -Raymond Day
  • Michael MillerMichael Miller New Member Posts: 93
    There are a few services like this, Shapeways does more professional prints on a SLM printer. 3D Hubs is a crowd sourced system where people with a 3d printer put their services up. Pretty much any of them can print from a standard .stl file.
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