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Jeremy Potocki
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Greetings from Arkansas,

I am Jeremy Potocki a man that has been building and repairing computers, and other electronics for over two decades. I am also a Artist, and I am a Part-Time IT guy for a small private school. I have waiting for something better than the "Intel on a stick" computers for quite some time. There nice and all, but you can not install any other OS other than Win 10, no way to put in better heatsink nor fan, limited USB Ports, and they have a weaker Atom CPU. I am planing in the next few months to order several of these boards to see just what I can do with these boards like:
using old OS like Windows 7 (and older), ReactOS, DOS (even FreeDOS,)etc.
Putting in larger heatsinks and fans (maybe try overclocking)
Emulator and Classic Game testing.
I have two project s right now that this board may just be perfect for. For a 2 years now I have been trying to get a system up and running that will allow people that are bed ridden, and or in a nursing home to be able to communicate with loved ones (or anyone else ,) watch live streams of there church (or other religious) services, and stay entertained to lift there spirits up. Yet keep the system super simple to understand and use.

The other project involves our states (Arkansas) mandate for programing class in the schools, but that one is starting a non-profit organization, but if that is all I can say for now.
so for now I will be looking or asking a ton of questions before I get the boards, and after I get some boards I will be posting a lot of the results here.

well thanks for reading.


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