HDMI issue on powerup or just faulty board?

Henk Ringersma
Henk Ringersma New Member Posts: 15
Few days ago I finally received my first 4GB/64GB Upboard, so:
- created a bootable USB stick for Win10 64b and attached it
- attached wired keyboard + mouse
- attached to HDMI cable to my TV set
- attached a decent 5V powersupply (old PC 300W PS)

However, on power up there is no UP logo on my screen.
- the little blue led on the UP board is on
- the capslock key toggles the keyboard led and the mouse led is on
- no smoke, no funny smell

My conclusion : dead on arrival, So the board was replaced
Unfortunately this second board behaves exactly similar.

What should i do more to get this board up and running?
Has anyone else succeeded to power up their 4G/64GB boards?

Frustrated kickstarter.


  • Fabrizio
    Fabrizio Guest Posts: 123 mod
    Hi Henk,

    did you check all the comments on installing Windows MS in the dedicated area of the forum ?


  • Henk Ringersma
    Henk Ringersma New Member Posts: 15
    Hi Fab

    yes i did. But I do not get the BIOS and UP logo on my screen.
    The issue seems HDMI related to me and not the software that should be loaded
    I even unplugged the USB-stick with the software, still no UP bios logo will appear.

    Both my TV set accepts 1080i 50Hz for HDMI.
    Can you confirm the Up board will supply proper HDMI signal for such TV sets?

  • Fabrizio
    Fabrizio Guest Posts: 123 mod
    Hi Henk

    we didn't experience these problems and didn't hear by any other user similar problems.
    please confirm you tried on other TV and with different HDMI cables.

    let us know the exact configuration ( Tv, power supplier )
  • Henk Ringersma
    Henk Ringersma New Member Posts: 15
    Here my update on this issue:
    The BIOS or whatever is definitely in error!
    During setup it cannot provide a proper HDMI signal for a TV set.
    However when attached to a cheap HDMI-VGA adapter cable i was able to install Windows

    Once Windows has been installed and the UP board is connected to a TV set, then still the board does not display any UP logo.
    However, as soon as the Windows logon screen appears, and the windows display driver is used there is no error.

    Bottom line:
    The up board itself does not provide proper HDMI signals during set up .
    As a result: a TV set (HDMI 1920x1080, 50i) cannot be used to install the initial software.
    If a proper HDMI monitor is not on hand you might get a HDMI-VGA (or other) adapter.
  • Henk Ringersma
    Henk Ringersma New Member Posts: 15
    As requested, the TVset (to which the UPboard BIOS cannot provide a proper signal after initial powerup) i used were
    1 SHARP LC-37GA8E
    2 Pioneer PDP-434HDE
    However, once MS-Windows has been installed, the UPboard can be used with both screens (apart of the overscan hassle of the Windows drivers)
  • Javier Arteaga
    Javier Arteaga Emutex Posts: 163 mod
    Thanks for your diagnostic HenkR!

    This is useful info for the BIOS team.
  • Joost Boere
    Joost Boere New Member Posts: 9
    I've got the same board, connected to an simple Philips tv via HDMI: no problems. The logo is visible, I can enter the bios, etc. I'll check the exact tv model later on.
  • Henk Ringersma
    Henk Ringersma New Member Posts: 15
    @milmoor, I suppose it was tested so i am not surprised it works for you. Unfortunately it did not work with both TV sets i have.
    However my Raspberry HDMI-VGA converter cable did work for the UPboard too during initial setup.
    Once the OS was loaded I could use the HDMI through the graphics drivers of the OS.
  • Mike Foley
    Mike Foley New Member Posts: 4
    Is there a list of known TVs/Monitors which this board works with? I received one on Friday and am seeing the same thing (nothing on the monitor) using an Acer PC Monitor. I'll try with an HDMI/VGA converter tomorrow after one arrives.
  • Zack wolf
    Zack wolf New Member Posts: 2
    I also experienced some problems with the up board when I first got it. At first it booted up to the command prompt no problem on my Vizio TV through HDMI. But then I pulled the plug and inserted the windows boot flash drive and when I plugged the power back in, it wouldn't make the HDMI handshake with the Vizio TV.

    I had no video and no signal coming from the up-board at this point. The HDMI wasn't working. So I plugged it into my old Samsung DLP and it came right up, no problem. I was able to install Windows 10 without a hitch.

    Thanks to the OP for this thread. I wouldn't have thought it would suddenly start working when plugged into a different display.
  • Mike Foley
    Mike Foley New Member Posts: 4
    I had to swap out the board. The new one works as expected with the two monitors I've tried with.
  • Zack wolf
    Zack wolf New Member Posts: 2
    Just wanted to note that once Windows 10 was installed, I was able to use the board with any display via HDMI.