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I2S sound

BartekBartek Posts: 16New Member

specs does include I2S ports on 40 pin header, are they enabled in software? If not are there any plans for that?



  • Dan O'DonovanDan O'Donovan Posts: 217Emutex mod
    Hi Bartek

    I can speak for Linux kernel support - not sure about Windows or other operating systems.

    The I2S controller on the SoC is supported by a driver in the Linux kernel. However, "ALSA SoC machine drivers" are also required to configure each I2S codec to work correctly with the I2S controller, and vice-versa. Machine drivers exist for specific codecs in combination with the Cherry Trail SoC (e.g. see the cht_bsw* examples here:, but none yet for the codecs that are typically used on I2S HATs designed for Raspberry Pi.

    However, we do have plans to enable one or more I2S HATs to work with UP. We'll keep you posted on that.

  • KCMKCM Posts: 1New Member
    Hi !
    I noticed the i2s pins just I2S_CLK, DATAIN, DATAOUT, FRM.
    In case of ALC5633Q codec ic, i2s need 5 signal(ADC/DAC/MCLK/LRCLK/BCLK)
    How can i connect the up board with ALC Codec ic.
    Thanks for your smart in advance.
  • BartekBartek Posts: 16New Member
    Thanks Dan for your response.

    I have DAC Sabre ES9023 connected to banana pro. Planning to upgrade to UP Board, hopefully support for this DACwill be available soon:)
  • Robert AlexanderRobert Alexander Posts: 15New Member
    I'm wondering if there has been any progress on the "ALSA SoC machine drivers" so we can use the I2S from the Up board.

    I just want to get some basic sound from the thing without having to use another USB or rely on getting a display board that decodes it from the HDMI. I'm using the Up board in 250 Windows 10 terminals we are building and plan to build more but just need to get some basic sounds from them. I would love to just use something like the Adafruit DAC & Amp:
    Dan was last talking about doing this about 10 months ago in another thread:
  • pine3825pine3825 Posts: 2New Member

    Which port does UP Board use?? port 2 or 4?

  • DCleriDCleri Posts: 508Administrator, Emutex admin

    Just to give you a quick update.

    Good news from Intel, as they confirmed that I2S Audio is now working on UP Squared (including the DMIC) and the feature will be available soon also on UP Board.

    A BIOS update will be issued for both systems and after that an official announcement with additional details and tutorials on how to use I2S with UP/UP Squared and existing Audio HATs.

  • GnurouGnurou Posts: 6New Member

    Mmm, so do we have any news about I2S audio support? Does someone have a link to a (even partially working) kernel tree?

    I would like to use the Picade X HAT's I2S audio, and am willing to write some code if needed, but a starting point would be nice...

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