Basic questions (Linux related)

TheFwGuy New Member Posts: 1

Hi all !!
I'm obviously new to this forum.

I'm evaluating how is the best way to use these boards (mainly Up-4000 for now) for some embedded projects, all Linux based and I'm mainly interested about using Ubuntu with only CLI, no direct user access.

After reading many messages I didn't find any FAQ related to Up-4000 and typical things to do, like install an OS, drivers, etc., especially on Linux.
Am I missed it ?

I also have few other specific questions.

  1. What is the best way to develop something on the board ?
    i.e. for embedded development I usually prefer a cross-development environment and not having any GUI installed on the board.
    There are tested solutions out there maybe using IDE like IntelliJ or VisuaStudio ?
    If yes somebody has links/suggestions ?

  2. For debug what is available ?
    Does the board has a Jtag ?
    A generic Gdb connected remotely is possible ?
    Or the only way is to connect a keyboard and monitor and go with a local GUI and development environment installed on the board itself ?

  3. What would be the more supported language/environment to develop an app for the board ?
    The app would use different peripherals, like ZigBee probably interfaced via USB and probably others via the GPIO (SPI/I2C, etc.)
    I was thinking for example to use node.js and Kotlin but I'm not sure about the peripherals support.
    Maybe Python is better supported ? Or C/C++ ?
    Any suggestion ?
    Any language/environment is OK as long as there is some support for the specific peripherals on board.

  4. On production there is the necessity to update the software, often OS and application on the field in unmanned way.
    There is a way, a mechanism to do that with these boards ?
    Some kind of service suggested ?

I do have a lot of more questions but these are the most important in order to decide if I can use these board for projects.

Thank you in advance for any help !!