How to use GPIOs on UpSquared Windows

ivan25 New Member Posts: 1

Hi everyone,

I have an Up Squared board, and my goal is to utilize its hardware, focusing on the SPI and UART functions. However, before diving into those, I'm starting by attempting to control the GPIOs, but unfortunately, I've encountered some issues.

Here are the steps I've taken so far:

1) Entered BIOS settings and changed the OS Selection to "Windows 10 IoT Core."
2) Installed the Up Squared Windows 10 drivers, which I downloaded from this link .
3) Installed the Up SDK, available here .

In the Device Manager, I can see the following:

However, when I run the GpioTool, downloaded from a forum post, I receive the message:
"Error: GPIO is not available on this system."

This is the OS version I am using

What might be the issue? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!