Reset/Formatted mmc after unplug even shortly

mintyrabbit New Member Posts: 2

Hello. I'm in troube with mmc reseting problem.
When I unplug the charger, even a very few second, the mmc is always reset/formatted.
I installed Debian, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on Up Board, and everytime same thing happened.
You guys also have this trouble? If anyone resolve this problem, please let me know it.

e.g. RTC Battery is necessary to maintain mmc data during no power? I see my Upboard right now, but there is no connector for RTC Battery.

Name: UP Board Series
CPU/RAM: x5-z8350/4GB



  • mintyrabbit
    mintyrabbit New Member Posts: 2

    Edit: I found that Upboard BIOS just can't find bootsec.
    Everything is preseved perfectly, but I couldn't reinstall new GRUB, so I just reinstall entire Linux.

    e.g. I can't edit my post, so I write changes in this comment.

  • HarryChiu
    HarryChiu New Member Posts: 110 ✭✭✭

    Hi @mintyrabbit

    It seems that the connector (CN1) of the RTC battery is damaged, causing the CMOS to be automatically cleared after poweroff.
    It is recommended to go through the RMA process for maintenance.

    Best Regards,
    Harry Chiu

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