Compatibility Issue: UP Squared x86 Pro and Intel vPro Laptop Connectivity Problems

Hey everyone,

I've been encountering some compatibility issues between my UP Squared x86 Pro and an Intel vPro-enabled laptop. Specifically, I'm facing connectivity problems when trying to establish a seamless connection between these devices.

Here's a rundown of what I've tried so far:

Ensured both devices are running the latest firmware and drivers.
Verified the network settings to ensure they align and aren't causing conflicts.
Attempted various connection methods (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth) without success.
Checked for any known compatibility issues between UP Squared x86 Pro and Intel vPro laptops but haven't found any conclusive information.
Despite these efforts, the connection remains unstable or doesn't establish at all. I'm curious if anyone else has faced a similar issue or has successfully resolved a compatibility problem between these specific devices.

If you've encountered this or have insights into potential fixes, I'd greatly appreciate your input. Any advice, troubleshooting steps, or alternative approaches to establish a stable connection between the UP Squared x86 Pro and an Intel vPro laptop would be incredibly helpful!

Thanks in advance for your support and suggestions!