Ubuntu server 20.04 / PinCtrl driver/ Unable to get SPI to work

CyB0rG New Member Posts: 1


I've installed ubuntu server 20.04 on UP Board 7000, but i'm unable to get the PINs and SPIDEV to work, I followed the instructions on how to install the PinCtrl driver, but still, im not getting any spidev to work
Tutorial: https://github.com/up-division/pinctrl-upboard
After installing the driver, I run the command:
ls /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:19./pxa2xx-spi./spi_master/ | grep spi

and it doesn't find any spi devices, also obviously:
ls /dev/spi*

doesn't find any spi devices, what am I missing?

Thank you!