Not able to Stream from MIPI Camera

Hi UP community,

I am checking to stream from a MIPI camera in UP Squared Pro 7000 devkit. I followed the documentation provided here but media-ctl command's output doesn't show "ENABLED" for camera's entity node despite a successful probe by the camera driver (drivers/media/i2c/ar0234.c). Attached pic is the output of media-ctl command's output in my setup.

Kindly have a look at it and advise on moving forward. Also please let us know if anyone has faced this issue/have been successfuly able to stream.

My build evironment:
1. Ubuntu Desktop 22 ( for Alder Lake N (IoT image)
2. Later replaced with kernel 5.15.94 after following the build steps.
3. D3's AR0234 MIPI camera.