UP 4000 lower heatsink?



I'm looking for an UP 4000 board to fit the Gainta G17081UBK 1U case - specs .

Looking at https://newdata.aaeon.com.tw/DOWNLOAD/2014 datasheet/Boards/UP 4000.pdf ,

  • The UP-APL03C2F-A10-0216 does not fit because of height restrictions.

  • The UP-APL03C2FLH-A10-0216 should probably fit. Can you confirm this?

I can easily find the UP-APL03C2F-A10-0216 in stock at European several distributors, but not the UP-APL03C2FLH-A10-0216 .

I've also found a comment that I do not fully understand. Does the UP-APL03C2F-A10-0216 kit contain all parts to convert it into the UP-APL03C2FLH-A10-0216? If not, is there anything else I can buy? Please advise.

Looking forward to a quick and efficient reply!

Kind regards,



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