UP 4000 lower heatsink?


I'm looking for an UP 4000 board to fit the Gainta G17081UBK 1U case - specs .

Looking at https://newdata.aaeon.com.tw/DOWNLOAD/2014 datasheet/Boards/UP 4000.pdf ,

  • The UP-APL03C2F-A10-0216 does not fit because of height restrictions.

  • The UP-APL03C2FLH-A10-0216 should probably fit. Can you confirm this?

I can easily find the UP-APL03C2F-A10-0216 in stock at European several distributors, but not the UP-APL03C2FLH-A10-0216 .

I've also found a comment that I do not fully understand. Does the UP-APL03C2F-A10-0216 kit contain all parts to convert it into the UP-APL03C2FLH-A10-0216? If not, is there anything else I can buy? Please advise.

Looking forward to a quick and efficient reply!

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  • HarryChiu
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    Hi @markvdb

    Thank you for your interest in UP 4000 LH SKU.
    UP 4000 standard SKU and LH SKU only Heatsink height different and PCBA is the same.
    Who concern about total height could consider LH SKU.

    Standard SKU Heatsink Height : 26.3mm
    Lower heatsink SKU Heatsink Height: 13mm only for N3350 CPU

    We are preparing stock of LH SKU, if you need please contact our Sales to save it.
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Best Regards,
    Harry Chiu