UP7000 Ubuntu 20.04 HDMI 3840x2160 resolution

Lubo New Member Posts: 41 ✭✭

The HDMI output on the UP7000 works well (3840x2160) in Ubuntu 22.04, but it is not possible to set such a resolution in Ubuntu 20.04. The only thing that is available in Ubuntu 20.04 on my UP7000 is 800x600. In the same way, when starting the BIOS, it also automatically starts in 800x600 resolution. Other versions of UP boards (not UP7000) that I have do not have this problem and even their BIOS starts up to high resolution. Reflashing the bios or resetting by disconnecting the battery didn't help. I tried it on two different UHD monitors and two different HDMI cables, it still does the same thing. Can you advise what to do with it (I want to use Ubuntu 20.04 in resolution (3840x2160))?