UP Squared Pro 7000 and UP HDMI IN Carrier Board

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Now, I am trying using UP HDMI IN Carrier Board, which has some HDMI to MIPI converter chip LT6911UXC, as the first image capture device in the UP platform.

UP HDMI IN Carrier Board

Could you please let me know how to set up the environment for this carrier board?

For now, I'm going to show my current status in the following:

up-board/up-community Wiki

I installed Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 image showed in the above page, and, applied the kernel patches provided in the following link.

Kernel repo link:

And, I found the string "INTC10C0" in the BIOS setting and the source file "ipu6-acpi.c".


  • Sensor Model: [User Custom]
  • Custom HID: INTC10C0


  • { "INTC10C0", AR0234_NAME, get_sensor_pdata, NULL, 0, TYPE_DIRECT, NULL }, // AR0234 HID
  • { "INTC10B1", LT6911UXC_NAME, get_sensor_pdata, NULL, 0, TYPE_DIRECT, NULL }, // Lontium HID

I also found the string LT6911UXC, so, by changing INTC10C0 to INTC10B1, and I could see the string "lt6911uxc". And, I found the I2C slave address of the chip LT6911UXC somewhere. I guessed the address is 0x2b, and by setting it in the BIOS setting, probably, the probing process of the chip LT6911UXC seemed to be passed.

And, refering to the document "Enable HDMI Capture on Yocto Tutorial.pdf" found in the page "UP HDMI IN Carrier Board", I using the sample Gstreamer command showed in the document, but, it doesn't work. The error message is like the following...

WARNING: erroneous pipeline: could not link camerasrcc0 to videoconvert0, neither element can handle caps video/xraw, format=(string)UYVY, width=(int)1920, height=(int)1080

I'm not familiar to gstreamer framework...

That is it for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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