Enable and use the fTPM on UP4000 (Ubuntu Linux)

Rafa New Member Posts: 1

Hi, we have a custom system using the UP4000, Ubuntu 18.04 (I know, 18 is EOL, we will update soon), stock kernel (UP 5.4.0) and trying to secure the system. Everything works as intended including IO pins, LED's, PWM and such. These units will be installed in public places where they will not have network access and are enclosed in a sealed housing. It has a section of proprietary code that we want to keep out of prying eyes (hacking, competitors). We need to be able to have disk encrypted and boot unattended. We can encrypt the disk and everything will work but needs the key when booting, so here is where the TPM part should help. I understand the UP4000 does not have a dedicated TPM ic, but it has a firmware TPM from information from other threads I have seen here. How do we use this? are there any how-to's around? I have not been able to find any so far. Any assistance (point us to, ) would be great. We also may need BIOS changes (like admin password) so nobody can revert boot changes.


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