UP 4000 not booting


Just got my UP 4000, but failed to boot.

After plug DC 12V in, the blue LED on, the Ethernet RJ45 light on, but not flash, keyboard was connected, and Numlock light on, I can switch it by press Numlock on keyboard, so does the Capslock. But HDMI output shows no signal, in between, for several second the display was total black, "no signal" disappeared, but come back in seconds, then the monitor shut down itself, and stay shut down permanently.

What am I missing? Do I have to buy a Power/Reset Button Cable to make it boot?


  • HarryChiu
    HarryChiu New Member Posts: 108 ✭✭✭

    Hi Sir

    Could you please change another HDMI cable or monitor and try again??

    Best Regards,
    Harry Chiu

  • simba
    simba New Member Posts: 2

    Thank you for the prompt response.

    I did try another cable, still the same, the monitor works fine, as if I connected it with raspberry pi 4, it's all good. And I noticed when I plugged the Ubuntu installation USB stick, the LED light flashed at different time. So I guess it's a problem of HDMI output. What else can I do?

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