How To Do BIOS_chip_flashing on upsquared pro 7000 ?

DRAM_tester New Member Posts: 1
edited August 2023 in UP Squared Pro 7000 BIOS

Hello, all
how can BIOS flashing be done in hardware on the upsquared pro 7000 ?

For upsquared there is a description here
is there a similar method for the upsquared pro 7000 ?

The BIOS image I would take from
I do have a dediprog SPI programmer.
I make changes to the BIOS advanced settings CBR, for memory stress tests, so there is a risk I will brick the board.

Thanks a lot

Ooops, Might have found answer already
then just a small difference in connector CN22 on upsquared pro vs. CN18 on upsquared pro 7000


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