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UpCore schematics? Replacing SMD components after 24V on 5V USB


Hello UP-community,

I may have accidentally put 24V on the 5V of my USB 2.0 connector on the UpCore I use.
As a result two components are damaged. One 5pin component, which seems to be a voltage regulator, lost a leg. And one resistor became so hot, it just fell off. I have some people who are experienced in SMD soldering and repairs, so as long as I find replacements for the broken components I should be able to fix this.

Does anybody know where to get schematics for the UpCore? Or maybe somebody has a working one and could take a close up picture of that part for me? Maybe that helps to identify the broken components.

I hope someone can help. Thank you in advance.


  • HarryChiu
    HarryChiu New Member Posts: 108 ✭✭✭

    Hi Sir

    U32 is power IC RICHTEK.RT9742CGJ5.
    Resistance is 1K ohm 1% 0402.

    But still recommend you to ask RMA service.
    It will help you to check all the functions.

    Best Regards,
    Harry Chiu

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