Warrantee support after installing a BIOS

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I purchased a BIOS with a custom splash screen in March of 2022 based on BIOS version 5.2. Srestha Gupta was my contact. We are using the Up Squared board with this BIOS for the last year without issue. Two recent Up Squared boards were bricked after updating to this BIOS. Our distributer (Mouser.com) gave us this response when we tried to warrantee the boards

"The labour cost of $65 is per each board.
We will cover the shipping cost in returning the parts to the supplier.
However, if deemed determine that the parts has been damage due to customized BIOS, you will be charge for labor cost + material + shipping cost.
Please let us know if your interested to have the parts repaired."

This makes it sound like using the BIOS that we purchased from you means that we have no warrantee. My company (Rapidia) has been using your boards in production for over a year now. I would expect that if your boards stop working after installing the BIOS you provided us, that they would be covered under warrantee. Is there a way to rma the boards without paying labour cost?



  • FredyHsu
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    Hi @jmadeley ,

    sorry for the late response. Please contact Mouser again on this case. We will do the RMA for free. Also, please contact our UP Shop. We will help you do the BIOS update to the new code base for free.

    Thank you for your feedback again.

    UP Team