How to deal with GPIO in UP_Squared_6000 processor kit? Any software is need?

viratmohan007 New Member Posts: 1

Hi all,
I'm new to UP_Squared_6000 processor kit. Previously I dealt with different microcontrollers where I did programming to microcontrollers with different softwares like Keil, VS code, Stm32Cube, Arduino IDE, etc., I'm struggling to get startup with UP_Squared_6000 processor kit.

Now, I want to know about same kind of process in UP_Squared_6000 processor kit. Is there any software is needed to write the program? Is there any command line interface is needed to write the program? How to write the GPIO program? How to compile it and run it in UP_Squared_6000 processor kit.?

Can you please give me the answers of these questions?


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