UP Squared V2 I2C Problems

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We are using the upboard for several years in our projects and are looking to switch to an UPBoard Squared V2 solution. Now i'm struggling to get the I2C ports to work in a reliable way. I hope i can explain my problem in a clear way.

On the system we have installed Intel IOTG Ubutu 20.04.6 OS with the UP HAT pinctrl-upboard driver discussed in this post:

The system has a bios version UPS-EHL01 R1.0 from august 2022.

We are using both I2C ports on GPIO 2,3 and 27,28.
We have 2 chips with ID 20,21 connected on 1 I2C port and a seperated chip with ID8 on the 2nd I2C port. When using I2Cdetect sometimes i can see and use the chips with no problem at all.

The problem is that sometimes after a powercycle one bus isn't working anymore and the other bus suddenly is available on a different bus nr.

The missing chip on bus 5 is most of the time nowhere to be found, after a few powercycles sometimes its visible and working fine. I'm sure its not an hardware problem, when connection an UPBoard all is working fine.

We also use the SPI bus, we dont experience any problems using this.

Also the are a few errors when Ubuntu is starting up, perhaps this information could be of use for someone?

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction how to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.


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