Audio through HDMI and DP doesn't work on Windows

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I installed Windows 10 22H2 and I found that the audio through HDMI and USB-C DP port doesn't work.

I installed every drivers from UP and got every latest updates on Windows, but it didn't help. I tried every suggestion on this link and it didn't works either.

I checked three displays with hdmi port which audio through hdmi works well with my other device such as laptop, but only the UP 4000 with Windows didn't work.

The intereting thing is, UP 4000 with Ubuntu 22.04 can operate the audio function through HDMI very well. I suppose some driver in Windows doesn't work well.

In device manager, there's one device with a problem which named Multimedia Audio Controller. I think this is the cause of the problem, but I don't know the way to solve this problem.

Would you help me to make the audio function works well?

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  • CHCH
    CHCH New Member Posts: 5

    Hi Wilbert,

    The BIOS configuration you suggested was very effective.
    Sound function HDMI and DP through USB type C both work properly after disabling HD audio DSP.

    Thank you for helping.

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