GPIO on UP Squared

_ethan New Member Posts: 2

Hello, I'm trying to get gpio working on the UP Squared board with linux 22.04 on kernel version 5.15.72 using the pinctrl package. After installing the package according to the directions here I still cannot communicate with the gpio pins. I've also had a look at the gpio support wiki which states that this functionality is supported with my linux/kernel versions. I'm wondering if anyone has had success with gpio and, if so, how I can do the same? Thanks in advance for the help!



  • Wilbert
    Wilbert New Member Posts: 168 ✭✭✭

    Hi Sir,

    During operation, there is no communication, is there any error message?
    How did you know there was no communication?
    Is the pin not found? Or the output does not respond?
    If possible, the more detailed the information, the better, so we can help you confirm.

    Best Regards,
    Wilbert Lee

  • _ethan
    _ethan New Member Posts: 2

    I have been using gpioset and gpioget in a bash terminal to interact with the gpio pins. I do not get an error message from using these commands, but the pins do not respond. I do however have an error message when I check dkms status. The message says "pinctrl-upboard/1.0.8, 5.15.0-73-generic, x86_64: installed (WARNING! Diff between build and installed module!)"

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