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I've installed the UP sdk found on the downloads website. It shows up in device manager so I assume it was successful. How do I utilize the sdk to write my own programs? I've been looking through the demo apps to get a understanding of what I need to do. They run just fine if I run the apps from the release folder but now I want to write my own. I opened these apps in VS2017 and can't get anything to build. Any advice will be appreciated.


  • JunYing
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    Hi @mrf635
    Which app are you build?? If you get error on VS2017,Could you provide screenshot to me,i will check it.

  • mrf635
    mrf635 New Member Posts: 5

    Building gpioTesttool. Windows 10 Pro. I installed the drivers, installed the Up Framework. I'm getting errors like System.IO.FileNotFoundException on the UpBridge udp declaration. I removed those lines of code since they were not use else where and now I get a exception at GpioController.GetDefault().Pincount() call with a System.NullReferenceException().

  • mrf635
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    Update : I got the pre-built demo app to function but no luck in opening the GPIOtesttool.sln and building it again.

    Requested screenshot:

    I am not that familiar with Visual studios so if I am missing anything obvious please let me know.