How to install mraa and get it running on UP4000 / Ubuntu ? (step by step instructions request )

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I ensured again that there is something not clear with mraa on UP4000/Ubuntu installation...

  • I unpacked new , clean UP4000 from box.
  • I installed clean Ubuntu20.04. there, no issue.
  • Then I followed instructions on UP wiki and replaced kernel with 5.4.0 , again without issue. Restarted board, everything without issue.

  • Then I clone mraa-master from git and updated src/x86/x86 as was sugested in different discussion :

@garyw said:
if you are using official mraa from Github with our up 5.4 kernel, you have add the UP4000 board name "UP-APL03" into src/x86/x86.c as

else if (strncasecmp(line, "UP-APL03", strlen("UP-APL03") + 1) == 0) {
platform_type = MRAA_UP2;
plat = mraa_up2_board();

, installed cmake, build-essential and so on... and compiled mraa.
Then I install it. Its all. No issue so far.

But regarding to mraa - there is issue to run it :

mraa-gpio version
Version v2.2.0 on Unknown platform

mraa-gpio list
No Pins

Can someone please get us step by step instructions, how to get mraa running on UP4000/Ububtu on "clean, just unpacked" UP4000 ?