How do I read and program the Up Squared V2 board using external EEPROM programmer?

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I have an Up Squared V2 board and I need to be able to read and program the UEFI/BIOS using an external EEPROM programmer. I have a CH341A programmer ( with a 1.8V adapter (the NOR Flash on the Up Squared V2 is a Winbond W25Q256JW 1.8 SPI NOR Flash). I am using the SNANDer and flashrom softwares on Linux and both fail during the probing process: both softwares read garbage as they try to identify which SPI NOR Flash is available. If I run the software multiple times, the garbage read during the probing process always change.

When I probed the SPI bus using a Saleae Logic Analyzer I could see the CH341A sending the commands but the output of the NOR Flash is random. I noticed that the voltage on the output pin is around 0.8V which is undefined!

The programming header on the Up Squared V2 board (CN1 connector) only contains six pins: VCC, GND, MOSI, MISO, CLK, and CS. I also noticed that the RESET/HOLD pin is not available.

Has anyone had this issue before? What did you do to fix this?

I also read on some forums and posts on the internet that people use the DediProg for this task. But these posts are about other versions of the Up Squared board family. I have not been able to find anything regarding Up Squared V2.


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    Try to verify with elimination, is the board powered on during operation? Does the CN1 connector pin definition correspond correctly? Is there a hardware issues in the programmer itself?