UPXTREME Series Board Not Booting Anymore


We have an issue with an UP Xtreme board
Board link : https://www.aaeon.com/en/p/up-xtreme-compact-embedded-board-whiskey-lake

This is the first time our team dealing with this Board
Yesterday, the board was running normally, powered by a standard AC/DC adopter with the output of 48V,2A , in our lab.

An engineer Flashed The Whisky lake Built BIOS (Built from Tianocore code) through "flashrom" on Ubuntu Machine. Suddenly the Machine gets Hung, and the Engineer tried to restart the board from the board itself but it didn't work. so finally engineer did power cycle(turned off the power supply).

when the engineer turned on power supply the board is in idle condition, and the fan not spinning. so engineer disconnected the CMOS and connected back even though board not booting up.

we approached one of my Hard Debug Engineer, so to perform/check the board condition he needed schematic diagrams with all the components values presented in the sheet. so can i get those documents ?


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  • Mahesh
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    Hi,Now Board is booting Successfully. because of flashing wrong bios it happened.
    with the help of CH341a SPI Flash Programmer we flashed Correct BIOS on Chip. with that the Board booting successfully.


  • Mahesh
    Mahesh New Member Posts: 4

    we are currently working on upextemeboard ,Currently, we are performing some R&D on The Board.
    Board: https://www.aaeon.com/en/p/up-xtreme-compact-embedded-board-whiskey-lake

    On behalf of R&D we blew out the BIOS Flash Chip (W25Q256JW) from the Board. In the Blown process, one of the surrounding components gets affected (near to the Flash Chip). Our team is not aware of the affected component.
    Please find the attachment for your perusal (Regarding affected component) . Please help us what we can do with that since we dont have the schematic . Please find the attached image where the component get affected.

    i am requesting you to please look into the above issue, provide me the solution for the same.