Troubleshooting Issues with Connecting Our UP2 Board to Intel ARC

judywatson New Member Posts: 4

Dear members,

I am reaching out to discuss an issue that my team and I have been encountering while working with our UP2 Board and Intel ARC []. Specifically, we have been having difficulty establishing a connection between our UP2 Board and the Intel ARC platform.

We have tried several approaches to resolve the issue, including updating the firmware on the UP2 Board, ensuring that we have the latest version of Intel ARC installed on our system, and checking our system configuration to ensure that all necessary drivers and software components are installed and working correctly.

Despite these efforts, we have been unable to establish a stable connection between the UP2 Board and Intel ARC. We have also noticed that other users have reported similar issues in various online forums, indicating that this may be a common problem.

If anyone has any suggestions or solutions for troubleshooting this issue, we would greatly appreciate your input. We are eager to continue working with the UP2 Board and Intel ARC, and we believe that with some additional support and guidance, we can overcome this challenge.

Thank you for your time and attention, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,