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Product Change Notice (PCN) - Hailo-8 AI Module Heatsink and Package change

FredyHsu Administrator, Moderator, AAEON Posts: 40 admin

Product Change Notice

PCN Note Date:


Reason for change:

Reason for change:
1. Package change
2. Heatsink change
3. Implement Module that supports industrial temperature grade 

Product(s) Affected:
Ordering Part number
Old part number New part number

Change Details:
1.    Phase out old PN: EP-OTHAILO2280S
2.    Implement new PN: RE-OTHAILO2280B
3.    Package/Contents change
4.    New PN(RE-OTHAILO2280B) Supports industrial temperature grade:
  • Old PN (EP-OTHAILO2280S): 0℃−70℃ 
  • New PN (RE-OTHAILO2280B):  −40℃−85℃

Issue by:

UP Team

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