GPIO not working in c# dotnet 6


Through System.Device.Gpio we are not able to have an instance of the Gpio driver. We believe that it is not a valid board for our prototypes We have found very poor documentation for using the GPIO ports at the user level


  • ricortegal
    ricortegal New Member Posts: 3

    We use dotnet core 6 (windows SDK and WinRT runtime attached net6.0-windows10.0.17763.0)
    Iot.Device.Bindings (2.2.0)
    System.Device.Gpio (2.2.0)
    on windows 10

  • karlhm761
    karlhm761 New Member Posts: 5

    Hello, where can I find .Net implementations of libraries for UP?
    Namespace System.Device?

    Presently I am importing aaeonEAPI.dll functions directly, but I am having problems with UP4000.
    On UP it worked fine.

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