Enabling second ethernet port (Intel I225)

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Hi, I've been trying to enable second ethernetport (top one) while on Linux.
The port uses Intel I225 chipset, and its not enabled by default on the Ubuntu OS (checking via ifconfig/ip)
The 'lscpi -v' recognizes the hardware and shows that no kernel module is loaded for it.
After some research I've found that the chipset requires igc kernel module, that is shipped with kenels 5.5+.
I've tried using kernels 5.5, 5.6 and 6.1 with no success. I've went as far as manually compiling the 5.6 kernel and setting igc as complimentary part (non-module), but either way it is not being linked to the corresponding hardware on the up2. I can see with modprobe that is the kernel module has been loaded but it is not working with the hardware.

Is there a way to enable the port, or is unusable as for now?

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  • GvY85
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    I have the same problem. I am using Debian Bullseye with DietPi scripts and ip link does show the interface and modprobe also does show the igc module is active but no way to use the actual port.
    When I try and configure the port I get the same behavior as if no cable is connected.
    I tried with kernel 5.10 and 6.0 from Backports
    This is a shame since I bought the 6000 specifically for the 2.5G port and as an upgraded to the regular UP Squared.
    With the Ubuntu IOT version (https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/jammy/daily-live/manual/jammy-live-server-amd64+intel-iot.iso) it does seem to work but then you are stuck to kernel 5.15 and depending on Ubuntu to update.
    They seem to use specific kernel and/or firmware packages in it so maybe that can be tried if it works? But still, this is a pretty regular Intel PHY so it should just work correct?

    Can anyone from AAEON please offer support?

  • GvY85
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    I solved it by blacklisting the 1G adapter (blacklist igb in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, then update-initramfs -u).
    That way Debian does detect the 2.5G port as connected.
    Not sure what happens if I remove the blacklist but I do not need the 1G port so this works for me.

  • mafish
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    Sadly I would like to use (and bridge) both ports so this does not work for me :/

  • Wilbert
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    Hi Sir,

    I tested Ubuntu 22.04, Kernel 5.15.0-54, I225 and I210 can be used normally.
    I have assisted you to ask Intel, currently only Kernel 5.8 and beyond have support.

    Best Regards,
    Wilbert Lee.