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which Board for USB OTG/device mode + 4k30 live encoding?

gaxie New Member Posts: 1

Hi all,

I'm looking for a Board to serve as a NAS and remote KVM. So it should have:

  • 4k30Hz live encoding capability (precise codec doesn't matter that much, there are also no huge quality requirements) - Can't find when 4K became available with intel quicksync?
  • USB3.0 in device mode (also known as OTG, but that technically isn't a thing with USB-C, there it would be an upstream facing port UFP or dual role data DRD). At least 5Gb/s / Superspeed should be supproted. Every connector is fine, but I'd favor USB-C.
  • it should support one NVMe SSD with at least PCIe2x1 and two SATA disks. The disks could be attached through a Sata controller board (second PCIe2x1 device)
  • designing a relatively simple board would be OK.
  • should be at most 105x105 mm²

I can't find info whether USB device mode works with superspeed - can someone confirm that, for specific devices?

aside of the USB device mode support, cadidates are:

  • up squared (original - second SATA broken auf from mSATA)
  • up4000 is short one SATA or PCIe port (why are there two SATA clock signals but only one set of data lines on the extension header?) - otherwise it would
  • up squared 6000 (sata controller on M2 2230)

are there others?
Thanks in advance!