UP Squared 6000 Edge with X6425RE processor, possible to enable (1.9GHz -> 3GHz) Intel Burst?

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Since I want an Edge system with 64GB EMMC and 8GB RAM the only option seems to be the Embedded X6425RE processor (UPN-EDGE-EHLX4RE-A10-0864).
I see this processor seems to not have Burst enabled by default and runs on a fixed 1.9GHz?
Is it possible to enable Burst from the BIOS or do I need to buy the J6426 version with only 32GB EMMC / 4 GB RAM for 3GHz (burst) clocks??

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  • Wilbert
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    Hi Sir,

    We ensure that the hardware behavior conforms to Intel CPU specifications.
    What you said is correct, X6425RE does not enable Turbo mode.
    You need to evaluate by yourself whether to prioritize capacity or turbo mode before choosing a product.
    There is currently no plan to add other CPUs to the 8GB/64GB SKU.

    Best Regards,
    Wilbert Lee


  • GvY85
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    In particular: this link says "1.9 GHz (No Turbo by default)" so does that mean its just a BIOS setting? Seems reasonable for a CPU with the highest TDP of the family?

  • GvY85
    GvY85 New Member Posts: 6
  • GvY85
    GvY85 New Member Posts: 6

    Thank you for your feedback. I was hoping for a bios switch or something to enable it.
    Reason I am asking is because I currently have a regular UP Squared with a N4200 and that one has 64/8GB.
    So it seemed a bit counter intuitive that this product does not offer the fastest CPU with the 64/8GB option. Can give a bit of insight into that?
    I will now go for the J6426 as an upgrade to the N4200.