I2C on ubuntu 20.04

KrissNC New Member Posts: 31


I have an I2C LCD display 16*2 very classic one, works with I2C with an arduino.

I would like to use it on my up4000 board, but I can't find any recipe.

Did someone ever manage to do that ?

The address of the display is 0x27
(Should I focus on libmraa ?)
Where can I find sample code that works.

I'm stuck


  • loonix
    loonix New Member Posts: 8

    Have you ever figured this out? I am in the same boat.

  • KrissNC
    KrissNC New Member Posts: 31

    Still working on it. See the "getting started with I2c post" I just validated a schematic that works on a raspberry PI, so now apparently there's a software problem. (Since I have 2 up4000s and none of them seem to have i2c working) (gpio on other pins work thow, that'w why I think of a software problem I think the Hat connector is OK)