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Hi. I'm using UP Squared Pentium Quad Core N4200/8GB/64GB (SKU: UPS-APLP4F-A20-0864) with bios v6.1

The device is installed in a public place and in order to protect the bios settings for secure boot with full disk encryption and tpm, as well as to prevent access to data in case the device is stolen, I would like to change the bios settings as follows:

  1. Completely disable user mode in the bios so that the device boots without asking for a password and does not have an empty password for user
  2. Change the default administrator password "upassw0rd" to any other as this password is easily googled and has no protection

Is it possible to do this?

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  • FredyHsu
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    Hi @pe4 ,

    the requirements are feasible with BIOS customization. Kindly send a mail to "" with your desired "password" and put me in c.c. loop. We will provide you with the NRE service fee for reference.

    My mail:

    UP Team