What are the recommended settings for stable passive cooling?

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I have two up-boards (4-64, early adopter on Kickstarter) in the standard ABS case with the standard cooler (had to remove the cooling plate for the RAM on the bottom to fit in the case). They have been unstable since the beginning, but when I gradually upgraded the BIOS (now on 2.5) they became unusable!
One of them is at least somewhat usable since I have deactivated turbo mode for CPU and turbo mode for GPU, but for the other one this does not help.
When on BIOS 2.5 and having loaded optimized defaults what settings do I have to change for stable passively cooled operation?


  • Wilbert
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    Hi Sir,

    Please provide the overall photo for judgment.
    If you can enter the OS, can you confirm the working frequency of the CPU?
    Is the CPU cooling space or air channel enough?