Intel Atom® x6425RE Processor: TCC Worth for Audio-PCM-Streamer ?

I want to build Audio-Streamers which over I2S or USB feed external High-End-Digital-Analog-Converters (with external clocks etc).

So, the requirement is to have lowest noise, lowest jitter possibe. Best clocks be it for the TSC/CPU or USB clocking are very important.

The Atom x6425RE brings Intel® Time Coordinated Computing Tools to Ubuntu...

So, I am not sure if this is what I should try in any case as I susoect that the quality of clocks, buffering, lowest jitter etc is helpful even for normal PCM-PLayback


This is not such a great idea as the actually apps like MPD (Music PLayer Daemon) anyhow are not realtime-apps and we dont have a real-time requirement neither.

So, is TCC only for very special realtime-devlopers or will the tuning of the system towards lowest jitter plus maybe some more precise clocks (?) not in any case be very beneficial...?

As there is a significant price premium between a x6425RE and a normal Celeron board...I would be thankful for some guidance.