UP Xtreme IO electrical specification?

What are the electrical specifications of the IO pins on the UP Xtreme board?
Either the CPU pins and the STM32 pins?

By electrical specification I mean, output voltage, input voltage, output current, output type and input type.

I could not find the information in what they call a "manual"...

I would like to drive panel mounted industrials LEDs. They are usually 24V and drive 15 to 20 mA.

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  • Wilbert
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    Hi Sir,

    The functions on the HAT40 Pin can be adjusted by BIOS for input, output and multi-function(i2c,spi....etc).
    The voltage used by the HAT40 pins is 3.3V, and the output capability of each pin is 15mA.
    Power pin output capability, each pin can output 1A(5V/3.3V).

    MCU pin outs need to be programmed by the user.
    MCU output 3.3V, output current 1mA.

    If you use the 24V 20mA specification, you need to handle the 24V voltage yourself, and you need to rely on external circuit design to improve the driving capability.

    Best regards.