UP XTREME I11 0001 Fan control is broken

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I have both 0000 and 0001. We had noisy issue on 0000 and got familiar with Fan Control. It works fine.

However I purchased more TGL Up Xtreme i11 0001, didn't think much different from 0000. Fan Control seems broken. I have two 0001, I never have FAN ON. When I connect the fan pins to my different motherboard, fan is running fine. at least FAN is okay. problem is mini 4 pin.

Without FAN ON, sensor reads +50 degree in idle time.

When I measured voltage on 4 pins, from the left to the right(pin1 to pin4)
0V 0V 4.6V 2.3V

It is much different voltage read from working pin in different board.

I ran the command before the measurement
//# bus is 0, it looks most of case it is 0
sudo i2cset -y $bus 0x2e 0x40 0xff

From the BIOS setting, it has 255 from Fan control.

BIOS version for HW 0001, only one available, is R1.0.

Can you check and help?


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  • rogertsai(AAEON)
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    Does the Fan is running at full speed when entering the BIOS setup menu?
    By default, the fan will run at full speed (255) in BIOS. When entering the OS, the fan speeds change according to the temperature of the CPU by fan.service.
    When the CPU temperature is below +50 degree, the Fan pins voltage as follows

    • Pin1.PWM is about 2.48V, Pin2.TACH is about 2.62V, Pin3 is GND (0V), Pin4 is 12V power.

    If there is no 12V output on FAN connector's pin4, please submit RMA request.


  • fredoh
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    Mine is i3 version of HW 0001 (Intel® Core™ i3-1115GRE)

  • fredoh
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    Even when entering the BIOS setup menu, I don't have FAN running.
    I don't see 12V in any of 4 pins. Will submit RMA request soon.

    But in 2nd thought, I have two of 0001. If this is a hw bug, how come both of them have same problem. Am I missing anything? Will you accept RMA request if no fan is running in BIOS menu?

  • fredoh
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    It was my mistake, I was using a 19V DC input. Without checking the power spec carefully, previous generation required wide ranger of DC input 12-60V. I used to use 19V as I have a few ac adapter for NUCs.

    When I switch to 12V DC, FAN works fine. Voltage reads 5V 5V 0V 12V.
    Will use 12V DC input onward. You can close the issue. Thank you for your support.