system kits w/ DCI debugging out of the box?

ColdComfort New Member Posts: 1
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Hi All,

I'm trying to demonstrate debugging/tracing Intel hardware via DCI interface (or SVTCCA) using OTS hardware, and I've read that some of the UP system kits explicitly support this via MSR settings (IA32_DEBUG_INTERFACE) as well as exposed BIOS options (HDCIEN, etc).

Can anyone recommend a UP system kit that they have experience with DCI debugging working out of the box? Or, if not out of the box, merely requiring a simple firmware update? I'm trying to avoid hacking bios registers and rolling my own system support for DCI.

Because this is for demonstration, the actual hardware capabilities of the system are not important. I'm ideally looking for Intel CPU/PCH of 6th to 10th generation, which are the limits of my Intel SS 2020 release.



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