No messages in topics created by /AMR_node


I've got UP Squared 6000 with UP Xtreme i11 Robotic Kit installed on it and I'm trying to run an example of motor control. I'm on step 3 in section Calibrate your Robot’s IMU, and I have to save data from /amr/imu/raw topic to a file. The problem is that no messages are published in this topic.

Steps 1 and 2 were successful, I got the expected output:

[INFO] [1660834785.348021058] [IoContext::IoContext]: Thread(s) Created: 2
[INFO] [1660834785.349719311] [AMR_node]: Serial opened on /dev/ttyUSB0 at 115200
[INFO] [1660834786.366661024] [AMR_node]: Hardware is now online

Robot is assembled according to the instructions, Motor Control Board and Intel Real Sense camera are connected to UP 6000 Board via USB. Motor Control Board is powered up and ON/OFF switch is set to ON (not sure if it matters, it wasn't mentioned anywhere).

Topics displayed after ros2 topic list command (no messages are published in any of them):


Nodes displayed after ros2 node list command:

Even if I try to publish something on /cmd_vel topic, there is no motor movement.

In step 2, parameter port_name:=/dev/ttyUSB0 seems to be correct, because ls /dev | grep USB displays only ttyUSB0.

What could be the reason of missing messages in topic /amr/imu/raw and other topics? The Motor Control Board should work right away, or do I need to setup it somehow?