UP Xtreme i11 Intel TCC?

JMStranz New Member Posts: 5

I have a "UP Xtreme i11" board (exact name: "UPX-TGL-I5-A10-0000-0001") with "Intel core i5-1145GRE".

This processor has the feature "Intel Time Coordinated Computing (Intel TCC)".
Unfortunately, however, I cannot configure "Intel TCC" in the BIOS; there is no menu item for it.

The BIOS version of the board is "UPX-TGL01 R1.0 (V04Z3M10) (12/09/2021).

Is there a BIOS for this board with which I can configure "Intel TCC"?

I would be very grateful for a hint in this regard!


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  • JMStranz
    JMStranz New Member Posts: 5

    I found (more by accident) the BIOS menu item "CRB Setup".
    Under "CRB Advanced" there is then also the menu item "Intel(R) Time Coordinated Computing".

    What does "CRB Setup" mean exactly?
    Can I now configure "Intel TCC" here?